If you have your own script

You can send us:

Screenplay, Logline, Synopsis.

All files must have a copyright through the US Library of Congress.

Email for your files:  info@artis-production.com

All additional information is accepted only upon request from our company.


  • The file format is PDF only.
  • Scripts for only a full-length films are accepted for consideration.
  • The script should be designed and formatted according to generally accepted standards, including the font (Courier 12 pt only).
  • The number of script pages must be at least 90 and no more than 105 pages.
  • Be sure to indicate the genre of the future film.
  • If the script is based on a work of fiction, you must indicate the title and author of the book.
  • If this is your own idea, you must have proof of authorship.

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